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Berserk nominalists [Apr. 14th, 2004|04:55 pm]
Desbladet appologizes to the readers from England and Wales (though not necessarily to those from Scotland) for posting a Monday "review of stuff" on a day that is not likely to feel like a Monday to those readers who extend their Easter holiday and for whom "Monday falls on a Tuesday." This last remark, (s)he adds as a bonus, "drives the nominalistes utterly berserk with rage."

Reading this reminded me of my alma matter, a place where a statement like This week Tuesday is a Monday never elicits any furrowed brows and is commonly understood by everyone without difficulty. I have never witnessed anyone around me become berserk with rage when I've heard the comment (which has been often), so I've concluded the place is devoid of nominalists or perhaps simply overflowed with pragmatists. Tuesday is a Monday is, of course, shorthand for indicating that a typical Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule will apply on the Tuesday following a Monday holiday, a measure that tries to balance the number of holidays that each group of classes is entitled to. By poking around Google, I get the impression that Tuesdays can be Mondays mostly at academic institutions: Brigham Young Univ., East Carolina Univ., George Mason Univ., MIT, RPI, Univ. of Rhode Island, and Western Carolina Univ. all seem to be places where this is possible (an aside: check out this spontaneously captured photo of young Hamlet which was up on the frontispiece of WCU's website).

When it comes to schedules, it seems that a Tuesday is not likely to be a Wednesday or a Thursday, although to my surprise sometimes it is a Friday. Mostly, I am relieved that no Saturday is ever a Wednesday, something that would drive me utterly berserk with rage.

From: (Anonymous)
2004-04-16 09:23 am (UTC)
(0) Hello!

1) I'm a he, for pronominal purposes.
2) I invented the nominalistes, for comic purposes.
3) You might like the Jargon File's entry for "logical", which I was riffing on http://info.astrian.net/jargon/terms/l/logical.html

Des von Bladet
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